Church Calendar  

Feb 16 2014 - Breakfast @ 9:00AM
Standard Services:
10:00AM- Sunday School
11:00AM- Worship Service
Every Wednesday @ 6:00PM Prayer followed by Bible Study @ 7:00PM



Our Pastor and First Lady  

We've come a long way Lord, we've come a long way, bearing our burdens in the heat of the day, knowing that the Lord will make away, We've come a long way Lord, we've come a long way

Greater Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church
1 Mount Olive St.
Cartersville, GA 30120

Pastor, Michael E. Sutton



If There Were No Churches
If there were no churches there would be:
No church fellowship!
No Sunday Schools!
No prayer meetings!
No Christian homes!
No “salt of the earth”!
No “light of the world”!
No gospel preached to lost sinners!
No missionaries sent to the foreign fields!
No “body of Christ” in the world!
No rapture and wedding day of the church to look for!
No training courses for the youth of the land!
No family altars!
No preachers to visit the sad and lonely homes!
No prayers for sinners!
No moral training for boys and girls!
No Christian colleges!
No love for the lost sinner!

"We may not be on the Main Street of Cartersville, but we are surely on the Main Street to Heaven"